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A chemical or agent present in the atmosphere that may contribute to climate change or become hazardous to human health.




Property Type Definition
abbreviation Text A common abbreviation for the Pollutant.
casRegistryCode Integer The unique identifier assigned to a chemical by the American Chemical Society.
chemicalFormula Text The chemical formula expression for the Pollutant.
emissionMetricList Collection A list of emission metrics reporting emissions of the Pollutant.
estimationMethodologyList Collection A list of estimation methodologies used to measure emissions of the Pollutant.
family Text The grouping of similar pollutants the chemical in which the chemical is classified: HFC, PFC, VOCs, NOx, SOx.
gwpValueList Collection A list of global warming potential values assigned to the Pollutant by GHG inventories.
inventoryList Collection A list of inventories that report emissions of the Pollutant.
isBC Boolean  
isCAC Boolean  
isGHG Boolean  
isSLCP Boolean  
title Text The common name of the Pollutant.
url Url The Url of an authoritative source of information about the Pollutant.

Key Relationships

Inventory (0..*)

A Pollutant will relate to each Inventory that includes reporting of the pollutant.  This relationship defines the pollutant boundary of the Inventory.

GwpValue (0..*)

Within the graph of a GHG Inventory, each Pollutant object will relate to a single GwpValue object.

EmissionMetric (0..*)

Within the graph of a GHG Inventory, each Pollutant object may relate to multiple EmissionMetric objects, including both atomic EmissionMetric objects reporting emissions for a specific combination of Pollutant, SourceCategory, EstimationMethodology, and geographic boundary, and additive emission metric objects reporting pollutant-specific emission totals for a SourceCategory, or an entire Inventory.

EstimationMethodology (0..*)

A Pollution object will relate to each EstimationMethodology that estimates the emission or removal of the Pollutant.


A Pollutant object is a static dimension of unchanging information intended to be reused by multiple inventories.