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The value of a parameter used by a emission estimation algorithm within a specific inventory.




ParameterValue is the superclass of ActivityDataValue and EmissionFactorValue. While ParameterValue may be used to represent the value of any Parameter used by an emission estimation algorithm, ActivityDataValue and EmissionFactorValue may only represent ActivityData values and EmissionFactor values, respectively.


Property Type Definition
description Text A description of the process of determining an appropriate ParameterValue for the Inventory and EstimationMethodology.
emissionMetricList Collection A list of EmissionMetric objects to which the ParameterValue applies.
estimationMethodology EstimationMethodology The EstimationMethodology that applies he ParameterValue.
geographicCoverage AdministrativeArea The areal geographic boundary of the ParameterValue.
inventory Inventory The Inventory that uses the ParameterValue.
location Place The facility, location, or point-source to which the ParameterValue applies.
parameter Parameter The Parameter whose value the ParameterValue represents.
timePeriod PeriodOfTime The time period to which the ParameterValue applies.
uncertainty Text A textual explanation of factors affecting the uncertainty of the ParamaterValue.
units Text The unit of measurement applied to the value.
value Float The value of the parameter.

Key Relationships

Parameter (1)

A ParameterValue object represents the value of a Parameter used by a specific estimation methodology, within a specific geographic and temporal boundary, within a specific inventory.

EmissionMetric (1..*)

A ParameterValue will relate to one or more EmissionMetric objects, based on the estimation methodologies that use the parameter to estimate emissions.

Inventory (1)

A ParameterValue will relate to a single Inventory.

EstimationMethodology (1)

A ParameterValue will relate to a single EstimationMethodology.


A ParameterValue object has properties defining its parent Inventory, Parameter and EstimationMethodology, properties that describe the geographic and temporal boundary to which the ParameterValue applies, as well as properties representing the value and units of the metric.