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A coefficient, variable, or constant used by an emission estimation algorithm.




Parameter is the superclass of ActivityData and EmissionFactor.  While Parameter may be used to represent any variable used by emission estimation algorithm, ActivityData and EmissionFactor may only represent a subset of variables: ActivityData objects represent economic output or fuel usage, and EmissionFactor objects represent the coefficients used to estimate emissions based on available activity data.


Property Type Definition
abbreviation Text An abbreviation of the Parameter name used in algorithms.
articleList Collection A list of academic articles cited as data sources by the guidance documentation defining the Parameter.
dataProvider Person or Organization A person or organization responsible for maintaining information about the Parameter.
defaultUnits Text The default unit of measurement applied to parameter values.
description Text A description of the Parameter.
fuel Fuel The combustible matter that produces the measured emissions.
guidanceDocument GuidanceDocument The publisher, version number, and publication date of the guidance documentation.
keywordList Collection A list of keywords associated with the Parameter.
parameterValueList Collection A list of values given by specific inventories for the Parameter.
title Text The name of the Parameter.
url Url The url of the authoritative description of the Parameter.

Key Relationships

GuidanceDocument (0..1)

An Parameter may have a parent GuidanceDocuement, which represents the authoritative guidance document that defined the Parameter.

ScholarlyArticle (0..*)

A Parameter may relate to many ScholarlyArticle objects, each representing a work of academic literature or inventory documentation, or source of emission or removal data used to formulate the Parameter.

ParameterValue (0..*)

A Parameter may relate to many ParameterValue objects, each defining a value for the Parameter within a specific Inventory.


Parameter is the parent object of both ActivityData and EmissionFactor, and broadly defines all coefficients and variables used by an EstimationMethodology.  Some paramaters used by estimation methodology algorithms should not be modeled as either ActivityData or EmissionFactor objects, but are instead used to refine emission estimates by taking into account factors such as the amount of fuel consumed, or impuritites in the fuel.  The Paramater object should be used to represent these variables.