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The global warming potential (GWP) and time interval values applied by an inventory to a pollutant.




Property Type Definition
articleList Collection A list of academic articles cited as sources for the GWP value.
atmosphericLifetime Float The mean atmospheric lifetime of the Pollutant, measured in years.
inventory Inventory The parent Inventory that defines the GWP value.
pollutant Pollutant The Pollutant to which the GWP value is applied.
timePeriod Integer The period of time over which GWP is calculated, measured in years.
value Float The GWP of the Pollutant.

Key Relationships

Inventory (1), Pollutant (1)

Each GHG inventory will (and some BC inventories may) define global warming potential values for the pollutants included in the inventory.  Therefore, a GwpValue object will map a single Inventory object with a single Pollutant object.

ScholarlyArticle (1..*)

A GwpValue object may relate to many ScholarlyArticle objects, each representing an academic article or other documentation cited in the determination of the GWP value.