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Authoritative source documentation that classifies and defines source categories, emission methodologies, emission factors, or fuels for use in emissions inventories.


ScholarlyArticle < GuidanceDocument


Property Type Definition
datePublished Date Date of publication.
description Text  
emissionFactorList Collection A list of emission factors defined by the GuidanceDocument.
estimationMethodologyList Collection A list of estimation methodologies defined by the GuidanceDocument.
fuelList Collection A list of fuels defined by the GuidanceDocument.
publisher Organization The person or organization that publishes the GuidanceDocument.
sourceCategoryList Collection A list of source categories defined by the GuidanceDocument.
version Text The version number or year of the GuidanceDocument.
url Uri The url of an authoritative description of the GuidanceDocument.

Key Relationships

SourceCategory (0..*), EstimationMethodology (0..*), EmissionFactor (0..*), Fuel (0..*)

A GuidanceDocument may define source categories, estimation methodologies, emission factors, or fuels.  As such, a GuidanceDocument object may relate to multiple SourceCategory, EstimationMethodology, EmissionFactor and/or objects.


The GuidanceDocument class extends the ScholarlyArticle class included in the vocabulary.  By defining authoritative lists of source categories, estimation methodologies, emission factors, and fuels, a guidance document plays a unique and central role in inventory development.

The GuidanceDocument class effectively removes the datePublished, publisher, and version properties from the SourceCategory, EstimationMethodology, EmissionFactor, and Fuel classes, and replaces the three properties with a single guidanceDocument property which is represented by a GuidanceDocument object.