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A combustible material that generates air pollutant emissions during combustion.



Property Type Definition
activityDataList Collection A list of activity data parameters that reference the Fuel.
description Text A description of the Fuel.
emissionFactorList Collection A list of emission factors that reference the Fuel.
guidanceDocument GuidanceDocument The GuidanceDocument that classifies the Fuel.
keywordList Collection A list of keywords associated with the Fuel.
parameterList Collection A list of parameters that reference the Fuel.
title Text The name or title of the Fuel.
url Url The url for the authoritative description of the Fuel.

Key Relationships

Parameter (0..*), EmissionFactor (0..*), ActivityData (0..*)

A Fuel object may relate to multiple Parameter, EmissionFactor, and ActivityData objects, representing parameters and emission factors associated with the Fuel, and activity data that measures usage of the Fuel.


Like SourceCategory, EstimationMethodology,  and EmissionFactor objects, Fuel objects are drawn from authoritative guidance documents published by international organizations or federal environmental agencies, contain no data that is inventory specific, and may be reused by multiple inventories.  Fuels tend to be defined in the same guidance documents that define emission factors.

Fuel classifications are not objective; different guidance documents will classify similar fuels differently.